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UB city guide has been set up to serve the increasing number of tourists coming into Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  Last year, there were nearly half a million tourists nationwide, a solid increase over the prior year.  Tourists are increasingly interested seeing more than just the touristy sites.  They want to get to know the local customs, the people, and the country's unique characteristics.  Some come to explore business opportunities.  They want to learn more about the county's demographics, consumer behavior, market conditions, business climate, etc.  In general, tourists are interested in experiencing and understanding above and beyond just seeing and being there.

UB city guide is in a unique position to fulfill all of these needs.  Our city guides have lived overseas for many years.  This provides numerous advantages.  In addition to being fully fluent in both English and Mongolian, we are able to better highlight cultural, socioeconomic, business differences and similarities.  This results in richer experience for you, our customer.

We, at UB city guide, hope to be able to help you enjoy your stay in Ulaanbaatar.


To the right is UB city guide's Founder and Managing Director Mergen Chuluun.  Mr. Mergen spent 15 years living, studying, and working in the United States.  He graduated from Colorado State University in 2003.  Mr. Mergen came back to Mongolia in summer of 2007 to pursue business opportunities.

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Due to time differences (especially if you are coming from the Americas), best way to reach us is via email.
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